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Half Moon Sterling Silver Ring


Half Moon Sterling Silver Ring

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Half Moon Sterling Silver Ring


This half moon ring can be worn by itself or with another half moon ring. Both ways are meant to be a reminder of how everything in this world is cyclical... for example... the seasons, the plant life cycle, the sleep cycle, the menstrual cycle, the water cycle, the cycles of the moon, etc. The state of a human being is also cyclical but often feels as if it is not, especially when we feel sad or lost. Let this ring remind you wherever you're at in your life(emotionally, financially, professionally, etc) to enjoy the happy times and push through the sad, because like everything else in this world, we are also a part of the cycle. 

This ring is also symbolic of relationships and how they are also cyclical in nature(friendship, familial, or romantic.) Wear one half moon ring and give the other to another. When there is ever a rough patch, let the rings remind you of the cyclical nature of relationships. Help each other, love each other, forgive each other, and work together to push through to that new beautiful stage in the cycle of your relationship. 

*Made of sterling silver

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